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Safe HAVEN for Corporate

SAFETY ISN'T A SLOGAN ITS A WAY OF LIFE! Discover techniques to create social safety networks at work and in public spaces. Know your rights and how to use them. Get the crash course on all the must know laws that are designed to enhance your safety in public and private spaces.

₹ 1200 / month

  • Sessions 4
  • Duration 5-7 Hours
  • Skill Level Beginners
  • Languge English/Hindi

What Will I Learn?

  • PREVENTIVE TECHNIQUES - Discover techniques to create social safety networks at work and in public spaces.
  • SELF DEFENSE - Learn basic self-defense tactics and response tools against aggressive attacks. Arm against threats with a handful of expert physical defense tips designed for full protection
  • Know your Rights! Be aware of what needs to be done once the incident has happened.

About This Course

InMovidu has developed a concise module for self defence which is aimed at helping the individual defend themselves if they ever find themselves in distress. This curriculum has been designed with the help of our industry experts who have been conducting self defence training for many years now. These classes are conducted online and are live and interactive. The sessions can also be reviewed post class as session recordings will be made available to the learners.

Curriculum For This Course

Empower 1.0+ Jan 09, 2018 - Jan 12, 2018

About Mentor

Anthony Felix

Personal Safety

Empower the Women, Develop the Nation!


Vani Khatri

Self defence classes are must for every human being. I feel so confident now because of this course. I love travelling alone but because of so many cases i was really scared. The course makes you strong first mentally and then physically. Anthony sir first told me to accept everything is going to be okay if i can keep my mind open and not get scared. The course if explained Brilliantly by the team. A must class for everyone!


I always read horrible stuff in news and got really scared for myself and my daughter. Sending my daughter for her tuitions was giving me stress. I had to do something. My friend told me about self defence classes. But because of my schedule it was difficult to keep up with the classes. Then i saw online module with live tutor mentoring. My daughter now attends the class and i am glad. Knowing that my daughter can handle and take care of herself, helps me to sleep at night. Thank you Inmovidu and Anthony sir.


How do I contact you for more information?

You can always reach out to us at 9902803001! Or you can also mail your query to support@inmovidu.com

Who can enrol for the course?

Anyone who wants to learn! We have batches for Beginners, Intermediate and advanced Levels.

How can I enrol for the course?

Please follow the steps to enrol for the course

  • Sign up and create your account on the website : www.inmovidu.com
  • Choose a course of your choice listed on the website.
  • Select the batch and click on - Join Now.It will take you to Order Summary page
  • Click on -Proceed Now
  • Click on -Pay Now
  • Complete the fields such as Name, Email id and Phone number. Select the payment option and complete the card details and make a payment.
  • Voila, you are enrolled for the Course ! Happy learning!

Will I be able to access the recorded sessions whenever I want to?

All sessions are recorded. You will have lifetime access to your recorded sessions.

Who conducts the classes?

We have renowned teachers empaneled with us who come with many years of experience in teaching. In addition the curriculum has been designed by the Industry experts to ensure both learning and experience is world class for the students.

Would these classes be LIVE or would it be pre-recorded video?

We understand the importance of a guru or a mentor and hence while these are online -“ live and interactive” classes. There are no pre-recorded session as we would want you to get the same experience you would get if you had physically attended the class, but this time from the comfort of your home. Moreover, if you want to revisit what you learnt , you don't have to wait for the next class as we also have recorded session, which you may visit anytime!

What infrastructure do I need to attend these classes?

We would suggest the user have an uninterrupted internet connection of at least 1 Mbps upload and download speed. However, for the best experience, we would recommend using 2 Mbps internet speed. We would suggest using a 13” screen PC to view the content. Though you may also use your smartphone to access these classes . Below mentioned infrastructure is recommended for best experience:

  • Head phones / Ear Phones (Optional)
  • External HD camera (Optional)
  • Logitech C270 HD or C310 HD Webcam (Optional)

Are we allowed to clarify our doubts during the session?

Yes , if a student has a doubt during the session, they can always clarify their doubts by using the option raise your hand. They can also type in their query or ask a question when the forum is opened for discussion.

What happens if I am unable to attend my class?

All sessions are recorded which you may visit at your convenience. We also host one on one sessions with the respective instructor after every 8 sessions for ten minutes. You may clarify your doubts during the next session or during your 1-on-1 session with your instructor.

What happens in the event if there is problem with the video , connectivity issues, power outages etc?

We shall reschedule the class should there be a technical glitch at our end. Otherwise , every class is recorded. If for some reason you were not able to attend the class, then you can always revisit the recorded session and clarify your doubts during your 1-on-1 session with your instructor.

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