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Brain Gym Program (Educational Kinesiology or Edu-K program)

Help your child to be more focused & Organised. Brain gym also helps in overcoming learning disabilities> it helps in reaching new excellence for your child!

₹ 2000 / month

  • Sessions 4
  • Duration 4 Hours
  • Skill Level Advanced
  • Languge English/Hindi

What Will I Learn?

  • Brain Gym helps a child to learn anything faster & more easily
  • Helps a child to be more focused and organised
  • Overcome his/her learning difficulties (ADD & ADHD)
  • Reach new levels of excellence
  • Brain Gym helps a child to Start & finish projects with ease

About This Course

Brain Gym is a program of 26 physical movements that enhance learning & performance in all areas. It is an innovative new approach to learning that was drawn from a wide body of research from developmental specialists focused on the role that physical movements played in enhancing learning abilities.

Brain Gym is a well designed program taking the inputs from diversified fields like Sensorimotor training, behavioural optometry, special education training, energy systems like acupuncture, Jin Shin Jitsu and Neurological rehabilitation programs. Because of this, it has received worldwide appraise & is now used in more than 80 countries, taught is thousands of schools & in areas as diverse as the performing arts, athletics & the corporate world. It provides specific activities to facilitate brain function for physical skills required for activities such as reading, writing & spelling Over all, the Benefits of Brain Gym are many. To name a few , it helps a child to learn anything faster & more easily; Helps a child to be more focused and organised or Overcome his/her learning difficulties (ADD & ADHD), etc.

Curriculum For This Course

BYG+ Oct 23, 2017 - Oct 26, 2017

About Mentor

Dr. Krishna Prasad M S

Personal Safety

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" ~ Frederick Douglass



I have a very mischievous child. he has brain but he always focus on wrong area. We were fed up with all the calls from principal. One say i saw ad on whatsapp about this course. Thank god we took this course. My child is still mischievous but he is getting better in studies and very smart too. Its amazing how simple exercises can change a child mentality. Please try this course if your child is also having problem with their grades.

Dr Gayatri

Brain gym is the need of the hour. The science behind the course is very complex. Dr Krishna Prasad sir has put this course in the most simple words. The child doesnt get bored and my son actually enjoyed the classes. He was eager for each session. It helped him to concentrate better. His grades are improving and he is now having less trouble at school. I will recommend this course to every parent who is looking to sharpen their child intelligence.


How do I contact you for more information?

You can always reach out to us at 9902803001! Or you can also mail your query to support@inmovidu.com

How can I enrol for the course?

Please follow the steps to enrol for the course or call us on 9972456137

  • Sing up and create your account on the website : www.inmovidu.com
  • Choose a course of your choice listed on the website.
  • Select the batch and click on - Join Now.It will take you to Order Summary page
  • Click on -Proceed Now
  • Click on -Pay Now
  • Complete the fields such as Name, Email id and Phone number. Select the payment option and complete the card details and make a payment.
  • Voila, you are enrolled for the Course ! Happy learning!

Would these classes be LIVE or would it be pre-recorded video?

We understand the importance of a guru or a mentor and hence while these are online -“live and interactive”. There are no pre-recorded session as we would want you to get the same experience you would get if you had physically attended the class, but this time from the comfort of your home. And if you want to revisit what you learnt , you don't have to wait for the next class as we also have recorded session, which you may visit anytime.

What infrastructure do I need to attend these classes?

We would suggest the user have an uninterrupted internet connection of at least 1 Mbps upload and download speed. However, for the best experience, we would recommend using 2 Mbps internet speed. We would suggest using a 13” screen PC to view the content. Though you may also use your smartphone to access these classes . Below mentioned infrastructure is recommended for best experience:

  • Head phones or Ear Phones
  • External HD camera or Logitech C270 HD or C310 HD Webcam (Optional)
  • Working Laptop or Smart Phone

Who are benefited by these exercises?

These exercises prepare the brain to process signal in efficient manner, making the child to receive and process signal from sensory systems in the most efficient manner. These also remove fear from interfere in the process of learning. Therefore, it makes every child to learn better than before.

Are there any restrictions in practicing brain gym?

There are no restrictions. These exercises are simple and need only about 10 to 15 mins. There are no side effects :)

How long it will take to show Results/effects?

As each child is unique and the learning difficulties vary in intensity, time to appreciate improvement varies. But when exercises are meticulously done regularly and when parents watch the child carefully they will be able to see results as early as one week. It will also give an indication for deeper intervention if no improvement is seen.

How long the effects remain?

Learning is a physiological activity. It involves new neural connections to be formed and therefore to keep the brain in a better learning mode one has to practice these exercises till the child learns a better way to learn. These exercises are very efficient in laying strong foundations to learn by completing “infant reflexes”. These effects are going to be present for a long time.

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