Our Journey began when a mother was not able to fulfill her daughter's dream to learn ballet. She spent hours to find a good ballet trainer for her daughter but she realised there weren’t any teachers in her area. So, she forced her daughter to take any dance class available near her homes. Moreover, dropping her daughter to those dance classes wasted her 1 to 2 hours of her day. This made mother very frustrated because her daughter had to settle for something which was not her passion.

This got her thinking, can we find a way to connect right trainers to learners and manage the whole experience with no time wasted on travelling. This gave birth to InMoViDu.

Founded in 2016, InMoVidu is a trusted community marketplace for tainers to list their classes, and students to discover their hobbies around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet or laptop.

InMoVidu is an online live interactive learning platform that aims to bring an immersive learning experience of non-academic disciplines to students. Our aim is to remove barriers like non availability of quality teachers, sheer distances and apprehension about quality of tutors out of the equation. A number of people are discouraged from pursuing their passions due to these barriers. Well .. Not anymore .. !!!

our team

Mridula Chhetri
Founder CEO
Expertise in setting up new businesses. Has worked in IBM and Saraplast and NestAway
Anshul Singhle
Chief Technology Consultant
An IIT Kharagpur CSE graduate. Co-founded Retention.Ai while still in college which was acquired by News In Shorts
CoFounder CPO
Gold medalist in BTech and MTech. Led Pan India College activation for marketing efforts for NestAway
Sidharta V
CoFounder CMO
Expertise in Business Development. Has worked in International sales in Hungary and China