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To become the pioneer in the field non-academic & creative learning by being the
leader in, range, quality of coaches and state of the art technology


InMoViDu was born out of an unfulfilled desire of our founderʼs 12-year-old daughter to learn ballet. The search was a long, painful, uncertain and at the end an unfruitful one. Just like her, many others, parents and learners alike had let go of their passions because the lack ofopportunities. Along the way, more people who believed in this idea joined hands. All of whom had faced similar issues themselves, be it a lostlove of baking or a moment of solitude with a tastefully played guitar.

We put our heads together and researched for months on end and realized two very interesting facts, “People are looking for creative learning avenues and They are not finding what they are looking for”

We got down to business and started reviewing coaches for various non-academic disciplines and found so many people who had so much to share. We then handpicked the best of the coaches and worked with them to create robust learning curriculums that had tangible goals at regular intervals. We created a team that was energetic and capable. Then there was only one thing left to do.

With conviction in our minds in July of 2016 we started InMoViDu, a virtual interactive classroom for everyone looking to pursue their creativeaspirations. Over the last 6 months, we have received a phenomenal response from our customers and we promise to continue delivering great products in future.

Mridula Chhetri
Founder CEO

Expertise in setting up new businesses. Has worked in IBM, Saraplast and NestAway.

Anshul Singhle
Chief Tech. Consultant

An IIT Kharagpur CSE graduate. Co-founded Retention.Ai while still in college which was acquired by News In Shorts

Co-founder CPO

Gold medalist in B.Tech & M.Tech. Led pan India collegeactivation for marketing effortsfor NestAway

Sidhartha V
Co-founder CMO

Expertise in Bussiness Development. Has worked in International sales in Hungery and China